The jobs of the future

We’ve been having some fun around the office looking at job trends.

A few interesting observations:

1. As hot as gaming is, it still hasn’t caught TV – look here

2. Online job boards have gone mainstream. For example, there are almost as many attorney jobs as programmers.

3. If you just look at job posts that mention the term, Twitter is way undervalued: its right up there with Google and Facebook. So maybe we’re not in a bubble, it appears revenue still matters.

4. Finally, my personal favorite indicator of the growth of the new economy: “mongodb” jobs are catching “plumber” and “janitor” jobs. Keep that in mind when you’re advising your kids on their careers!

— Max

PS Shameless promotion – runs on mongodb – sorry, I couldn’t help it after linking to their job trends four times.

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  1. Cliff Elam on


    Well, I was a MASM and a iRMX programmer at one point in my career, but the stuff I learned about snaking out toilets is still useful. Draw your own conclusions.


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