HP/Autonomy and Oracle/Endeca: Is everything now “big data”?

The industry has a tendency to attach everything to the latest hot trend/buzzword, but I just can’t accept Autonomy and Endeca as “big data” vendors.

Autonomy is a search engine vendor that added various content technologies like Zantaz (email archiving) and Interwoven (web content management). Yes, it has “unstructured” in common with big data, but that’s about it.

Endeca started as an ecommerce search engine with aspirations of general-purpose BI tool. So it has “analytics” in it but again, I don’t see it as big data.

I’m not saying that either Autonomy or Endeca is a bad technology, if they are big data then maybe Sharepoint is big data too.

Does anyone out there really think these enterprise search-in-disguise vendors are big data?

— Max

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  1. J. Cliff Elam (@cliffelam) on

    Well, in the sense that Google is big data, I guess.

    Maybe it’s one of those terms that’s become so overloaded that it’s almost meaningless now in most cases: lean, *aaS, etc….


    • Max Schireson on

      Yes, becoming badly overloaded. That’s another blog post…

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